★ pre sales service

1. Warmly receive the visitors, handle the call, letter, fax, email and other inquiries quickly, and answer the business matters of the user in detail.
2. Help users to select the products needed, comprehensively and detailedly introduce the technical indicators and performance of the products, so that users can select the model and specification of the products economically and accurately.
3. Free help users train relevant technical personnel, so that users can correctly and timely master cable knowledge, cable technical requirements, cable laying and installation, cable maintenance and maintenance, cable load operation.
4. Special products, our company will be in accordance with the requirements of users, targeted design and development and manufacturing.

★ in sale service

1. Strictly perform the contract terms, organize production according to the contract requirements, and deliver the goods to the construction site on time with quality and quantity.
2. Provide auxiliary materials and technical data other than normal on-demand goods according to the customer's demand.
3. When users need it, our company will send relevant technicians to guide and assist the user in construction, laying and installing cables, and until the cable is suspended when necessary.
4. When the user has errors in product selection or the length difference, our company will try our best to minimize the user's losses, and special handling efforts to meet the requirements of users in special situations.
5. Our company will train and guide the construction to commissioning operation for the special products ordered by users.

★ after sales service

1. Our company implements the 24-hour service in place system, that is, after-sales service personnel arrive at the site to provide services within 24 hours after receiving the service notice from the user.
2. Before the products are delivered to the site for inspection, the company shall bear any damage, shortage and related quality problems.
3. During the warranty period, if the quality problems are confirmed by both parties as the responsibility of our company, they will be responsible for free replacement, return and defect repair, and promise to serve in place within ten days. The relevant expenses caused by product quality to users shall be borne by our company.
4. During the warranty period, our company will also assist in solving quality problems when the two parties confirm that they are actually the user responsibility.
5. When users need to provide technical support during installation and use, our company timely sends technical personnel to provide services free of charge to meet the requirements of users.
6. When the products arrive at the construction site, the model and specification of the product need to be changed due to the design change of the user. Our company will actively cooperate with the creation of conditions to assist in solving the problem, and try our best to meet the requirements of the users.
7. Our company will establish user files to carry out regular return visit strictly according to the requirements of quality management system procedure, follow the user's use opinions, make statistical analysis on the user's suggestions and relevant quality problems, continuously improve the product quality and service level, and constantly pursue the perfection of products and services to meet the needs of users.

★ after sales contact

Service hotline: 020-87398735, fax: 020-87398736


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